No Belarus names on Star Alley in Vitsebsk

The Star Alley will be unveiled on July 10 near the Summer Amphitheater during the international music festival Slavic Bazaar in Vitsebsk.  The idea was endorsed by Alexander Kosinets, the Governor of the Vitsebsk region.

It is worth noting that no Belarusian culture figure will be marked on the Star Alley. There will be stars for the Russian pop singers like Andrei Petrov, Alla Pugachiova, Alexandra Pakhmutova, Valery Leontiev and the Russian-Ukrainian diva, Sophia Rotaru. All of them apart from Leontiev were awarded with the For Peace and Understanding awards in different years. Leontiev will get the award this year.

Belarus' culture minister Paval Latushka reportedly said in a private conversation with the festival management that Belarus culture figures should also be mentioned on the Star Alley.