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NATO sees no threat in West-2017 military exercise

Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg

NATO sees no threat in the military exercise West-2017, Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg told journalists after the exchange of information between Russia and NATO.


Any country has the right to conduct manoeuvres and there is no need to see a threat in it, Stoltenberg said.

Russia has informed the other states about the number of soldiers that will participate in the manoeuvres and about the number of air forces. This number does not exceed the limit indicated in the Vienna Document.

The number of soldiers participating in the manoeuvres may be bigger than declared, NATO thinks.  However, the alliance still sees no threat in it.

The military exercise West-2017 will be conducted on September 14-20. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization will watch them.

Вучэнні "Захад-2017" пройдуць з 14 па 20 верасня. Паўночнаатлантычны альянс будзе сачыць за іх правядзеннем.