National Bank sees no reason for bank restrictions on currency transactions

Нацбанк не бачыць прычын для ўводу банкамі абмежаванняў па валютных аперацыях


National Bank of Belarus sees no objective reasons for banks to introduce restrictions on foreign exchange transactions, BelTA has learned from a spokesman for the National Bank Aliaksandr Tsimashenka. According to him, the situation at the cash currency market is being monitored, and it is "quite stable", and the banks have a sufficient amount of currency to sell to the public.

Tsimashenka noted that the individual cases of restrictions on foreign currency transactions are unique. And they have been caused rather by "subjective reasons."

"Obviously, this is the way for banks imposing restrictions to solve some of their private problems, because there are no objective reasons for such actions. National Bank has issued no recommendations on the introduction of restrictions and does not welcome such acts,"  said the National Bank spokesman.

Representatives of the National Bank are learning the reasons for such decisions  from the experts of commercial banks, which introduced restrictions. As reported by Euroradio, it was done by the BSB Bank and BTA Bank.