National Bank comments on IMF mission's work in Belarus, no loan received yet

Нацбанк пракаментаваў працу місіі МВФ у Беларусі, крэдыт яшчэ не далі


The National Bank has commented on the recent work of the IMF mission in Belarus. As you know, our country's leadership is hoping to get a new loan (3 billion dollars), but the fund is not in a hurry to make a decision.

The report "On Interaction of Government and Belarus National Bank with IMF" notes that "in the course of negotiations the parties managed to reconcile their positions."

It states that "a detailed discussion with the IMF experts will continue in the nearest future." Currently, there are measures "aimed at improving the competitiveness and sustainable development of the Belarusian economy."

On Monday the head of Belarus Aliaksandr Lukashenka met with the Head of the IMF mission to Belarus Peter Dohlman. Lukashenka said that the proposals of the IMF on the program are based on entirely objective economic laws and not one item made him "allergic." On November 18, Deputy Chairman of the National Bank Dzmitry Kalechyts said the chances of Belarus for getting a new loan from the IMF were very high.

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