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Homosexual man's murderer gets three years in prison

Photo from the court hearing.

Minsk's Central District Court has pronounced the sentence to the person who killed homosexual Mihail Pishcheuski, Radio Liberty reports.


Dzmitry Lukashevich has already served the previous sentence for beating Mihail Pishcheuski. However, Pishcheuski died of the injuries and the court reconsidered the case.

Lukashevich has been imprisoned for 3 years now. One year has been deducted from the sentence because of an amnesty. He has already spent one year in jail during the investigation. It means that the murderer will spend one more year behind the bars.


He will also have to pay compensation for moral damage – 20 thousand ‘new’ roubles. Pishcheuski’s mother will get 10 thousands and his brother and sister will get 5 thousands each.