MTS and Velcom’s data bases are used to summon people who attended concert on July 4 to police

People who attended the concert on July 4 in Minsk are being summoned to the police. MTS and Velcom’s data bases have been used for it. The companies informed about their clients who were in the area of the explosion.
People are asked to visit their local police offices. They have to spend a few hours there and to answer some questions. They also have to fill in questionnaires. There are 8 questions in them – full name, address, military service, “black diggers” among acquaintances, membership in civil organizations and political parties. Some people are asked whether they have drug addicts among their friends. Witnesses say that they were finger-printed.

There have been no official comments yet.

Let us remind you that, according to the official information, there were about 500 thousand people at the concert. So, one can image the scale of the campaign organized by the Belarusian police.