MP Kanapatskaya turns to Prosecutor's Office over integration talks with Russia

Hanna Kanapatskaya/ Raman Pratasevich, Euroradio
Hanna Kanapatskaya/ Raman Pratasevich, Euroradio

Member of the House of Representatives Hanna Kanapatskaya has appealed to the Prosecutor's Office over the secrecy of the talks between Belarus and Russia. She was unable to receive the documents with the proposals of the Russian working group on integration and the corresponding answers of the Belarus side.

"My concern about such secrecy in the work on integration of the two states is caused by the threat of loss of real independence and sovereignty of Belarus... as well as an unexpected forced integration process," Kanapatskaya wrote on her Facebook page. She stressed that the Belarusian society is also concerned about this problem. "The lack of information on this subject, its secrecy, only fuels concern and social tension within Belarus," said the deputy. Despite the fact that the head of state and officials reassure people, saying that there is no threat to independence, Belarusians see ultimatums, pressure and blackmail from the Russian leadership.

Deputy Hanna Kanapatskaya demands that "full information about the ongoing processes of integration of Russia and Belarus" as well as about the work of the Belarusian working group and the joint group with the Russians on integration be provided to her. Kanapatskaya also demands that the media produce regular reports on the "integration" negotiations.

"The issue of independence and sovereignty of Belarus is one of the few and the most important ones that unites the authorities, the opposition and the Belarusian people," writes MP Kanapatskaya. "Thus, only openness in this matter will allow to preserve the independence and sovereignty of the country, as well as to consolidate the Belarusian society," says the MP.

On July 9, Alyaksandr Lukashenka spoke about the work of the joint group on integration. He saw in the actions of Russians "one promises" and "slowing down of the processes".