Minsker brings 100 dollar bill to the bank, gets arrested (photos)

The 100 USD bill made ​​her suspicious, and she pressed the panic button. Soon there were policemen with machine guns. The man was held in the bank for two hours, and then four more - in the police precinct. On the same day the bill was checked and it turned out being real. Further examination gave the same result. The 100 USD bill was returned to the minsker. 

This story took place in January. Uladzimir Medalye decided to make sure that the bank employees who had taken a lot of his time were punished. For the nine months he has filed 10 reports with the police, the Investigative Committee, the National Bank, but the answers were the same: the bank employees acted on the instructions and broke no law. Nevertheless, the man is willing to fight on to get the cashier fired, reports the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus.