Minsk driving inspectors stop car for national ornament and white-red-white flag

Даішнікі ў Мінску затрымалі аўто за беларускі арнамент і нацыянальны сцяг

Minsk driving inspectors stopped Tsimafei Dranchuk on the evening of June 29. He was driving a car decorated with the national ornament and a white-red-white flag. “What are those symbols?” Dranchuk quoted the policemen on Facebook.

Driving inspector Yury Alyakseyenka took away Dranchuk’s car key, insurance, registration certificate and called for his chief: “I have no complaint but my boss will,” he said.

The driver was let off an hour later. Dranchuk’s friends helped him communicate with the policemen.

The driver was fined ‘for tinted glass’ because the driving inspectors had received the order ‘not to let him go without a fine’, Radio Liberty reports.


It was not the first incident of the kind in the last few days. Yyauhen Batura’s car was stopped for white-red-white flags on June 23. The car was placed into an impoundment lot and the activist has not got it back so far.