Minsk City Court upholds prison sentence for rights defender Bandarenka

On August 12 Kastrychnitski District Court of Minsk sentenced former director of private information and educational institution Platforma inaveyshn to four years' imprisonment in a penal colony. Due to the amnesty, the period was reduced to three years, BelaPAN reports. 

41-year-old Bandarenka was found guilty of disorderly conduct, hooliganism and particularly malicious hooliganism. It was about three episodes when Bandarenka was drunk. 

At the trial, Bandarenka several times asked the victims for forgiveness, he admitted his guilt in the second and third case, he expressed willingness to compensate victims moral and material damages. They did not state any claims and said they did not have a goal to isolate Bandarenka from society. 

Bandarenka's relatives and legal defense  want to appeal today's decision of Minsk City Court.

Photo - svaboda.org