Defense ministry replies to Popular Front over Russian military stations

Radar station ‘Volga’. Photo:

The Belarusian Popular Front (BPF) party has received a reply to its inquiry about the Russian military stations in Belarus. The inquiry was sent to the Ministry of Defense and the Security Council. 

On June 23, the BPF Seim demanded not to renew the land rental agreements for the Russian military stations in Belarus  The party justified the demand arguing that the territory of our country would be the primary target in Russia’s conflict with a third party. Russia’s aggressive foreign policy over the past five years was offered as yet another argument in support of the demand. 

As of now, there are two Russian military stations in Belarus: the Russian Navy’s communication centre  No 43 ‘Vilejka’ (radio station ‘Antei’) and the radar station ‘Volga’ near Hancavicy.

The bilateral agreements on the hosting of these stations came into force on June 7, 1996, Minister of Defense Lieutenant General Andrei Raukou replied. The agreements will be effective through June 7, 2021. If Belarus decides not to renew the agreement, it should report so to Russia by June 6, 2020.

The Ministry of Defense says the feasability of a renewed agreement will be assessed taking into account Belarus’ national interests. 

The Security Council replied that it would take into account the suggestions made by the BPF Party when making a decision on the issue.