Ministry of Defense installs monument on Private Korzhych’s grave in Pinsk

The Belarusian Ministry of Defense has installed a monument on the grave of Alyaksandr Korzhych – the soldier who tragically died in the army in Pechy, Barysau District, in the autumn of 2017. Minister of Defense Andrei Raukou personally promised to install the monument, Svyatlana Korzhych reminded. She does not know how much money has been spent on it. She only said that a similar monument could cost about 10 thousand roubles in Pinsk, Radio Liberty reports.

A young priest has agreed to sanctify the monument, Svyatlana Korzhych noted. Two priests refused to do it saying that it was a suicide. Alyaksandr Korzhych’s body was found hanged in the basement of one of the army buildings. The case received a public response and the President put the investigation under his control. The struggle with hazing started all over the country. Three former sergeants were imprisoned for 6-9 years for driving Korzhych to suicide. However, Korzhych’s mother believes that her son was killed.