Mikhalok presents new Brutto’s video made onskyscraper in Minsk (video)

The video has been uploaded to You Tube. “Nobody stakes on you,” Siarhei Mikhalok sings during the whole video. The song is in Russian and there are a lot of boxers, weights and faces covered with blood in it. The background is either a dark hall or a view of the Belarusian capital from a new skyscraper in Winners Avenue. You can also recognize boxer Vital Hurkou besides Mikhalok in the video.

Lyapis Trubetskoi broke up on September 1.  The band broke up into two bands – Siarhei Mikhalok’s Brutto that does not differ from the old Lyapis Trubetskoy much and to the rest of the band that is now called Trubetskoy.

Musicians of Trubetskoy will visit Euroradio’s office today. Leave your questions in comments here and Pavel Bulatnikov will reply to you!