Meladze makes arrangement for Dakota’s songs


Belarusian star factory member Dakota risks to be excluded from the project again. She does not fail to cope with the demands; it is time to present a solo performance. Marharyta has been getting ready for it for a long time: the projects producer Konstantin Meladze expected a new, really great song from her. The Mother Svyatlana has not heard her daughter’s song yet but told ERB that it was dedicated to the participants’ grandfather.

Svyatlana Herasіmovіch: Grandfather was the closest person for her. The best character traits Ryta has were inherited from him. Unfortunately, he died on the day Marharyta arrived in Moscow.

The family have been trying to conceal the truth from the girl for a week. But Dakota felt something had happened and made her mother tell her everything.

Svyatlana Herasіmovіch: She was suffering for a long time. She couldn’t get down to work. But then she recovered and started working. All her pain is reflected in that song. Its working title is “I knew everything”.

By the way, the singer’s mother says that the girl is satisfied with the arrangement and the song itself:

Svyatlana Herasіmovіch: She phoned me and said that Konstantin Meladze’s arrangement had impressed her a lot and that she was delighted with it. It is hard to satisfy Ryta so I have to say that the producer understood my daughter and gave me an opportunity to look at her in another way.

The mother also said that she was watching the process of song creation on-line. Probably her admirers and friends also did. ERB asked Dakota’s desk mate Vital Maksіmovіch what kind of person she was before getting to the “star house”.

Vіtal Maksіmovіch: She was always writing songs at school. But she didn’t show them to anyone. Although we listened to her demos. We liked those songs better that the songs she sings at “The Factory”. But we support her anyway. She will have to win because I told her to. What has changed? She has become more serious and responsible. She cannot have and will not have the star fever.

Not only Marharyta’s admirers, friends and relatives are waiting for her victory. There is also a young man waiting for it. The singer’s mother has not revealed his name but told ERB that he also liked music.

Svyatlana Herasіmovіch: It is a very good person. He supports Ryta and gives her advice. He is 19 years old. He is also a musician and plays hardcore.

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