Mazheika: My resignation is absolutely linked with Romaszewska'a dismissal


Pavel Mazheika, the host of Guest at Belsat show on the Poland-based BELSAT satellite television channel that broadcasts to Belarus, has resigned. He told the European Radio for Belarus that he made his decision on March 18, one day after BELSAT director Agnieszka Romaszewska was suddenly dismissed. Pavel Mazheika: "I can say this decision is absolutely linked with the dismissal of Romaszewska".

Mazheika worked at BELSAT from the very first days when the project had been just projected. The resignation was not an easy decision to him. 

Pavel Mazheika: "I liked working at BELSAT...".

We reminds that Beata Paklepa, formerly BELSAT deputy director, today was appointed as the channel's new boss.