Martsinovich: My book is legally approved


It should be recalled that the writer had prepared a presentation of his novel Mova in Hrodna. In his commentary to Euroradio he said that shortly after the event started, the police, a person from Ministry of Emergency Situations and the official from the City Council appeared in the room. They stopped the presentation and started questioning Martsinovich why he was having a presentation without the permission of the city executive committee. 

Viktar Martsinovich: "To that I explained that the meeting is taking place in a room. The meeting is held on account of the published book, which is legal and sold in all the stores, and, sorry, sold out in huge numbers for Belarus. I also said the meeting was being held on the day when the president met with Belarusian writers."

According to Martsinovich, Hrodna officials probably do not yet know that the Belarusian literature has been decriminalized. 

The authorities drew up a protocol and promised to give a legal assessment of the current meeting within 10 days. 

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