Mamonov calls Putin a puny

The recent Golden Eagle award ceremony was marked by an insignificant but remarkable scandal. The major part of the thank-you speech by Piotr Mamonov, who got the prize for the best male role, was cut off from the televised version, screened by the Russian Channel One.


Mamonov climbed the stage, wearing an old sweater, worn-out jeans and dirty sports shoes. He started his speech with thank-you to the God and the people who raised him. Afterwards, he switched to criticism.

“Everybody is praising me as if I am an idol. We have made a very simple movie. It just stands out at the general background. I don’t understand why people are crying when watching our flick in the movie-theaters. At the same time, nobody cares what is going on around us,” he said.

Then, Mamonov unexpectedly said that “this careless life would lead to the situation when everybody is going to learn Chinese.” His “grandson is more likely to be a worker at an oil derrick owned by a Chinese.” What about Putin? “He is puny, he is a spy. What can he do?”

The actor finished his speech, raising the issue of abortion. “Every year we kill four million future Suvorovs and Pushkins…Come on girls, produce!” he said.

Russian TV Channel One cut off the fifth part of Mamonov’s speech.