Major heavy metal festival Metal Crowd cancelled in Rechytsa


The major heavy metal festival metal Crowd that has been held in Rechysta once a year for 12 years on end has been cancelled. “The organizers are unable to reach an agreement on the list of musicians with the state authorities,” the official website of the festival reported.

Organizer Syarhei Bruoka did not name the exact authorities that did not like the participants of the festival in an interview with “I think is it clear who is in charge of it so I would not like to name names,” quotes Bruoka. ”

The festival will change its location in the future, the organizers reported. It leads to the conclusion that local authorities would not allow the festival in Rechytsa.  

Metal Crowd used to gather bands from 35 countries in the past. About 40 bands preformed there in 2 festival days. Viewers from all over Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Russia and Baltic States attended it.