M. Maszkiewicz: I think champagne is being poured at KGB


The European Radio for Belarus has phoned Marijusz Maszkiewicz, the former director of East European Department in charge of Belarus at Poland's Foreign Ministry, who was dismissed from his position on the same day when Belsat TV director was fired.
Maszkievicz has declined a comment on his dismissal, because he continues to work at the foreign ministry. However, he confirmed to the European Radio for Belarus that he did not resign himself.

"I can only confirm that it was not my initiative, but I will not comment on this, because I remain at the state service".

Maszkiewicz also dodged a question whether Poland was to change its policy towards Belarus, but noted that Minsk's victory was obvious.

"There are events like the dismissal of Romaszewska. I think they are opening champagne bottles at KGB and are going to receive promotions".

Marijusz Maszkievicz used to serve as Ambassador of Poland to Belarus. He was detained in Minsk during the dispersal of a street camp in March 2006.