Lyabedzka points at different opportunities for parliament contenders

The registration of candidates for parliament seats has displayed the presence of different opportutnies for contenders, Anatol Lyabedzka, the leader of the United Civic Party, said in a statement.  He stressed that the registration procedure was a pure formality for pro-government candidates and a serious hurdle for pro-democracy opposition nominees. At the same time, Lyabedzka admitted that registration was denied in a justified manner in several cases.

UCP leader believes that 78 registered candidates from the United Pro-Democracy Forces should run a campaign in order to spread their views. They should inform the population that the parliamentary elections are not fair and their results are not legitimate, Belapan quotes the politician as saying.

On August 31, the Political Council of the United Pro-Democracy Forces will hold its session to meet all the registered candidates. The meeting is expected to discuss a possible withdrawal of candidates as well as the timing when it should be done.