Lukashenka's envoy received by Israeli president


Pavel Yakubovich, the editor-in-chief of the pro-presidential newspaper Sovietskaya Belorussia, has interviewed Belarus-born Israeli President Simon Peres.
Yakubovich is in Israel to repair relations after Alexander Lukashenka's statements about the Jews caused accusations of anti-Semitism towards the Belarusian president. Responding to Yakubovich's questions, Perese noted that there were many people in Israel who wanted improved relations with Belarus.

The Israeli president believes that bilateral relations should be developing with a focus on economy, science and high-tech, reports the Belarusian official news agency BELTA.

Simon Peres (Perski) was born on August 1, 1923 in the village of Vishnyova, Valozhyn district in the Minsk region. Around 200 Jewish families had lived in the village by that time. A graduate of the Harvard Univesity in the U.S., Perse served at the Israeli defense ministry.

He plaid a pivotal role in the creation of aviation, electronics and defense industries in Israel and is also known for having re-organized the scientific research in the Israeli defense sector. Perese also supervised the Israeli nuclear program.

He served as the minister for the immigrants' affairs and the minister of communcations. He was Israel's prime minister in 1984-86 and 1995-1996.