Lukashenka to police: You must do everything to appeal to people

Лукашэнка — міліцыі: Вы павінны зрабіць усё, каб спадабацца чалавеку

"You must do everything to appeal to people. But do not indulge them too much,” Alyaksandr Lukashenka told Belarusian policemen at at the meeting of the MIA dedicated to the work of the police in 2015.

Lukashenka set the actions of the police on the New Year’s Eve as an example, BELTA reports. Policemen were helping tipsy people on that day.


"Look at the circumstances. You cannot mention everything in the legislation. Your structure interacts with the society directly. If we had ideal policemen, we would have ideal order. You are the closest representatives of the law for people, you represent justice and security,” the state leader said.

The police detained two activists and a journalist in a Minsk Court the other day. They were severely beaten and fined. Reporter Pavel Dabravolski has lodged a complaint about the policemen’s actions.