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Lukashenka makes tobacco kiosks owner an exclusive cigarettes importer

Alyaksei Aleksin / Screenshot from video,

Alyaksei Aleksin’s company “Inter Tobacco” has been granted the state’s exclusive right to import tobacco, under President Lukashenka's edict No 298 signed on 7 August 2019.

“Inter Tobacco” is a new enterprise producing tobacco goods, TUT.BY notes. Cigarettes will be produced in the Sabany industrial area in Minsk's suburbs. The Minsk City border even had to be amended for the sake of this project, according to the reports a year ago.

Aleksin has gained quick publicity after "Tabakerka” (Tobacco Stand) kiosks popped up all over the country.

In December 2017, President Lukashenka allowed Aleksin to create the only tobacco selling chain in the country. “Tabakerka” booths belong to this chain. 

Aleksin has business interests in oil trade, banking (MTBank), meat production (Vyales-Meat), development, logistics and restaurant business. He used to be Yury Chyzh’s partner before 2012.