Lukashenka: Bykau was not my fan, but he has great works

Alyaksandr Lukashenka asked those present of their opinion about the objectivity of certain curricula. As an example, he cited the Belarusian literature, "Vasil Bykau was not my fan, but he has great works - something that we and our children need to know. But there are some [authors included in the school curriculum] that have only 
Belarusian name and are not much of a read."

Lukashenka said that it is necessary to resist attempts to "take away from the Belarusian people the great victory over fascism." He spoke about the inadmissibility of rewriting history  "according to this or that person." "It should not be the case. The worst thing is when after you leave, everything will be reevaluated and in general crossed out," BELTA quoted Lukashenka. 

The Head of State promised that he would not allow the intellectuals to be forced to praise him during his ruling. "If an intellectual - artist, writer - has their own point of view and position - please say it," said Lukashenka. 

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