Lukashenka bets on 'flying squads' to fight protests

Vigilante, member of flying squad/

On October 29, Alyaksandr Lukashenka announced the need to intensify the work of the “people's squads”. According to him, they should not be formal.

“You saw how it was in Kyrgyzstan: total chaos everywhere, all the security forces fled, there was no one to defend the country,” his press service quoted Lukashenka as saying. “Who took responsibility? People's squads did".

Alyaksandr Lukashenka believes that the vigilantes must first of all "ensure the protection of their homes." Separately, he spoke on members of such "people's squads". Allegedly, there are many appeals from "former military men, former Afghanistan fighters."

“So many men, and even more women ... Choose us, we will be in the squads, we will be in the detachments, we can do a lot!” Lukashenka continued. Why not involve the former military in these flying detachments, why not arm them?"

"People's squads", according to the authorities, can help them to fight the ongoing protests in Belarus.