Long Live Belarus! movie leaked to Internet


"I know that someone did upload the movie to the Internet. It was predictable and unavoidable. This is a fact; Long Live Belarus! is in the Internet. The movie's authors have nothing to do with that, none of them. As far as I know, it wasn't Charter'97 either," says Franak Vyachorka, one of key figures behind the film production.

In Mr Vyachorka's opinion, the movie could be leaked online, because it had been sent to different countries of the world and screened in cinemas 400 times. Correspondingly, many people had access to the movie files. The film's authors do not know how it will affect their participation in film festivals.

Euroradio reminds that on May 7 an opposition website reported it had plans to organize an online screening of Long Live Belarus! movie in the Internet soon.