Lithuanian TV: Lukashenka will arrive in Vilnius on Sep 16


Belarus president Alexander Lukashenka is expected to arrive in Vilnius on September 16, reports  Delfi quoting the Lithuanian media. Lithuania's foreign minister Vygaudas Usackas said that the visit (of Alexander Lukashenka) could possibly allow to sign not only the agreements on the simplified border crossing procedures. But the most important thing what Lithuania hopes for is that new opportutnies would be opened for Lithuanian business people, the port of Klaipeda during the times of economic slowdown.

According to the minister, the president of Belarus is elected by the citizens of Belarud. Usackas also noted that he had met with the Belarusian opposition for 15 years, but the official Vilnius would also talk to those who hold power in Belarus.

The families of the missing Belarusian politicians called on the government of Lithuania not to receive Alexander Lukashenka. On the 16th day of every month, the opposition in Belarus holds actions of solidarity with those opposing the regime and the political prisoners.