Lithuania releases high-ranking law-enforcement official from Belarus

“Vilnius County Prosecutor's Office has ruled to terminate a pre-trial inquiry into the case associated with the head of Minsk City Investigative Committee and his wife following the investigation for one month in connection with the live cartriges found his his private vehicle,” reports the website of Invetigative Committee of Belarus. Dzmitry Kanaplianik returned to Belarus on October 20. According to media reports, he has resumed his official duties.

Dzmitry Kanaplianik was detained by Lithuanian customs officers on September 23 and charged with transporting fire arms catridges.

“Lithuanian territorial customs service in Medinenkai detained a Belarus-registered Honda CR-V on the Belarus-bound highway when the checks revealed several dozens 9mm catridges. The vehicle was carrying a middle-age couple, the citizens of the Republic of Belarus,” Lithuania's official statement had said.

“The middle-age couple” turned out to be Dzmitry Kanaplianik, the head of Minsk City Investigative Committee, and his wife. The wife was released and returned back to Belarus two weeks ago.