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Kseniya Malochka removed from Miss Belarus contest for being late


A Minsk State Linguistic University student Kseniya Malochka has been removed from the Miss Belarus 2016 contest for being late once. Euroradio has talked to the ex-participant who says she regrets having wasted her time. 

Kseniya Malochka: "I was late for a rehearsal once. They wrote that I was being late all the time. I overslept and I warned them about it on my way to the rehearsal. I work at a karaoke club at night. I am a back vocalist. Maybe they did not like my job. But I had told them about it before joining the contest. They have been procrastinating since February and I have been removed only now.”

Euroradio: Are you disappointed?


Kseniya Malochka: I was not really into it but my mother and sister influenced me. I am a creative person and I often get upset when I cannot win but it is usually connected with signing. What can I say about this contest? I am not a model, I am a singer. I will probably not take part in such contests anymore. My friends are supporting me. This is not the end of the world.

Euroradio: What can you say about the other participants?

Kseniya Malochka: They are normal girls. They have no children and they are probably not married. They are calm, there are no troublemakers.

The girl was removed for breaking discipline, ONT has confirmed to Euroradio.

"She has been removed for being late,” the press service of the TV channel explained.

Kseniya Malochka was in the top-25 of the contest participants. She is an MSLU student and is going to be a translator.


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