It is possible to subscribe for “Narodnaya Volya”, but it cannot be done everywhere

Independent newspapers “Narodnaya Volya” and “Nasha Niva” have returned to the subscription catalogue.  Now it is possible to subscribe for them in any affiliate of “Belposhta”. However, the editions’ readers were inactive on Thursday morning. Brest affiliate of “Belposhta” has confirmed that it is possible to subscribe for the independent editions:

“Sure. It can be done in any post office. You can subscribe for “Nasha Niva” too.

The same can be heard in the other regions of the country. However, they have not seen any subscribers for these newspapers yet. ERB phoned several post offices in Minsk and Mahileu and asked if it was possible to subscribe for these newspapers and whether anyone had already done it.

ERB: Please, tell me is it is possible to subscribe for “Narodnaya Volya” and “Nasha Niva” in your post office?

– It is, you can subscribe for the next year.
– You can do it.
 – Yes, sure. You can do it.
– I don’t seem to find them in the catalogue… Oh, here they are, something is written. “Narodnaya Volya” and “Nasha Niva” are in the additional catalogue. 

ERB: – Has anyone already subscribed for them?

– Nobody has subscribed in our affiliate.
 – No, not yet.
– As far as I remember, nobody has. Nobody has come.

The editor-in-chief of “Narodnaya Volya” Iosif Syaredzich complained that readers had not been informed about the availability of the subscription and added that the situation would change soon:

“I think that people have not received this information yet. We have written about it in our newspaper today (readers will get it tomorrow). And we have not organized any advertising campaign at all”.

“People are unaware of the possibility. Two days has passed but some people have already phoned us and asked how they could subscribe”, - said the editor-in-chief of “Nasha Niva” Andrei Skurko in an interview with ERB.

However, there is a more serious problem in the editorial office of “Narodnaya Volya” now. The next issue will be printed in a Minsk printing house (the newspaper had to use the services of a Smolensk printing house for several years). But the edition needs to get a bar-code from the French agency to get to news-stalls and this is a problem.
This is what the editor-in-chief of “Narodnaya Volya” Iosif Syaredzich said to ERB:

"They may assign us a bar-code in five days or in 35 days. That is why we asked the French Embassy to help us get it quicker yesterday. Our newspapers will not be able to get to news-stalls without a bar-code if it is printed in Minsk”.

ERB has found out that it is not possible to subscribe for the mentioned independent editions in any post office you like. Our reporter Zmitser Hlinski visited post office #1 opposite the BSU faculty of journalism in Maskouskaya Street in Minsk. “Narodnaya Volya” and “Nasha Niva” had not been added to the catalogue there. He asked the receptionist about hem and she answered that it was not possible to subscribe for the editions because they had not been included in the catalogue:

“A client told me they would be included… I remember. They have not included them yet, we have not received such an order. When it arrives, then… It is not in the catalogue yet!”.

The situation seemed very strange to the editor-in-chief of “Nasha Niva” Andrei Skurko because the agreement with “Belposhta” had been signed and all post offices had to know about it.

By the way, monthly subscription for “Narodnaya Volya” will cost 9500 if you would like a postman to bring it to you. Readers wishing to get it in post offices on their own will have to pay 8640 roubles per month. Organizations and institutions will be able to subscribe for 15 thousands.

“Nasha Niva” will cost a bit more for ordinary readers. Subscription and delivery home will cost 12 thousand roubles and 11590 if you come to the post office to get the newspaper. Organizations will be able to subscribe for “Nasha Niva” for 8 thousands. It is done to encourage organizations, enterprises and schools to subscribe, explained Andrei Skurko to ERB. “Nasha Niva” will also preserve the old form of subscription in the editorial office. 

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