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Ideologues in Homiel ban 'too dark' theater poster


The Homiel Youth Theater on May 26 will premier the play based on A. Valodzin's "Do not part with your love..."

Since the play is set in a mental facility, the theater wanted to advertise the performance with a relevant poster showing the heroine in tears in a straight jacket within the mental clinic.

But the ideology department at Homiel City Admnistration banned the poster, reports The officials said the poster was "too dark" and proposed remove the bruises on the girl's body and changed the straghtjacket with a costume. The theater said the poster would not make sense with the plot and prepared a new poster in white color However, the advertising department was of opinion that a white poster would attract grafitti vandals. Finally, the white background was changed with red colors.

The theater counted on the initial version of the poster as they hoped it could attract customers at the end of th theater season. But doubts are high that anyone will attend the performance.