Hundreds of protesters detained in Moscow

Hundreds of protesters were detained in Manezhnaya Square in Moscow on the evening of December 30. People were seized even in the metro, Novaya Gazeta reports. The police have confirmed that at least 240 people have been detained. Well-known oppositionist Aleksei Navalnyi was also detained. He was taken home as he had to be under house arrest.

Aleksei and Oleg Navalnyi were returned guilty of stealing from the companies Ives Rocher East and MPK on Tuesday. Oleg Navalnyi was sentenced to 3.5 years of imprisonment and Aleksei was put on probation for 3.5 years. It resulted in mass protests in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other Russian cities.

Anti-Putin mottoes were shouted out in Manezhnaya Square. People were shouting ‘Navalnyi’ and ‘Russia will be free’.

Photo: social networks.