Belarus state TV chief: Independent mass media do not exist

There are no independent mass media, head of the Belarusian Broadcasting Company Henadz Davydzka said in the Programme Editors’ Club shown on Belarus-1 on August 9.

"I believe that there are no independent mass media. Any mass medium serves some purpose and sticks to some editorial policy. It reflects the opinion of its owners. Every mass medium has its editorial policy,” BELTA quotes Davydzka.

Both state and non-governmental mass media want Belarus to be a happy country, the head of the Belarusian State Broadcasting Company noted. “They just have different views,” he added.

There are 1577 periodical publicayions in our country, Davydzka said. 429 of them are state-owned and 1148 are non-state. However, he did not say that the majority of the non-state publications do not cover social and political issues but rather focus on entertainment and advertising.