Friend of 'Shooter' the terrorist killed, 'Babay' deserts colours


They are opposed by thousands of armed combatants who have dozens units of armored machinery and artillery. Yesterday, the Ukrainian army managed to unblock an airport near Luhansk, which was controlled by the troopers. Now there is information about the fights in the outskirts of Luhansk. 

A commander of the "storm battalion" nicknamed Vasilich got trapped into the ambush of the Ukrainian commandos near the town of Snezhnaya. He was a deputy of the combatants commander in Donetsk Igor Girkin (Strelkov, aka the Shooter). It has been reported that the automobile was shot from the ambush, the commander and two soldiers died. 

Meanwhile, the Shooter accused his another ally Oleksandr Mozhaev, nicknamed Babay, in deserting the colours. He left Kramatorsk with the "Crimean cossaks" back on July 5 and never arrived in Donetsk. Babay and his detachment is either at the Russian border now or has already crossed it. 

UNIAN notes that Mozhaev invaded Slovyansk with the combatants from Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan this spring. The Russian police allegedly searched for him and he escaped to Ukraine. 

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