French ambassador: EU has huge plans regarding Belarus


The European Union has big plans regarding Belarus, French Ambassador in Minsk Mireille Musso said in a statement in Minsk. "We hope that Belarus will take its deserved place on the European continent, in the European family", she said.  Mrs Musso noted that after lifting the Belarus sanctions in October 2008, the relations between Belarus and EU began improving. "But, in our view, much still needs to be done, especially by Belarus, on the road of improving relations", the diplomat stressed.

She underlined that EU expected from Belarus a respect of main democratic freedoms like citizens' right of assembly, the freedoms of assembly and press. "We hope that important steps will be taken in this direction in order to improve our relations. These changes are very important for the European Union and the European public opinio", the diplomat was quoted by the Belapan news agency as saying.