Former Belneftekhim deputy CEO to stand trial on April 14

Volkau is accused of bribery and is in jail now, reports. The former deputy CEO is charged with 8 incidents of bribery that can be classified as crimes. Uladzimir Volkau’s property has already been arrested – two flats in Minsk, a garage, a BMW X5, about 100 thousand dollars and some other property.

The Investigation Committee started a criminal case against Volkau on October 2013. The official was detained when he was accepting another bribe. The money had been brought by a representative of a legal entity in order to settle the issue of oil products supplies to the enterprises of the concern. Volkau was accused of accepting a bribe of $19 thousand.

Volkau was arrested for accepting a bribe for distributing contracts and a lot of his accomplices from private structures were detained afterwards, Alyaksandr  Lukashenka said  later. Businessman Alyaksei Aleksin, founder of a number of enterprises distributing oil products, was one of the detained suspects.

Volkau was responsible for the oil-processing industry and the export and import of oil products in Belneftekhim.