Foreign student severly beaten by neo-Nazi fans in Brest

Брэсцкія фанаты-неанацысты жорстка збілі замежнага студэнта

The Brest police have detained four underage boys who brutally beat a Brest university freshman. The crime was based on neo-Nazi views and ethnic hatred.

The incident occurred on October 19 after a football match Dynama Brest - Homiel attended by the detainees. After the game, the guys went to the dormitory and brutally beat a foreign student with non-Slavic appearance. Before beating him, they peppersprayed him in the face.

All the detainees live in Brest, they 15 to 17 years old. Two of them have already been convicted of hooliganism. The group had actively participated in the football destructive fan movement and the right-wing propaganda of neo-Nazi ideas.

The children are facing up to 6 years in prison, the press service of the Interior Ministry reports.