Foreign currency appeares in Minsk exchange offices

У мінскіх абменніках з’явілася валюта

Dollars and euros appeared in Minsk exchange offices. As cashiers of several branches told Euroradio, banks are bringing in the currency to sell and now they can sell not only what they buy. Small queues immediately appeared near exchange points. Some people buy a thousand dollars or more.

The exchange office in Marx street had dollars, in the neighboring Belagraprambank there were only euros. But both places had small queue of several people. Euroradio listeners and readers report about foreign currency appearing in other exchange offices.

Earlier, the National Bank issued Decree 29, according to which banks must sell the currency which was acquired on the stock exchange without any restrictions. Also, on January 29 there will be a big press conference of Lukashenka for Belarusian and foreign media.