Football: Belarus national team’s chief manager quits


The team has only one point after three tours. Like Luxemburg, Belarus is in the last position in Group C. There is no reason to expect to make it to the European championship now.

“They deserved the defeat and have lost to a much better team,” chief manager Heorhi Kandratsiyeu admitted after the match. Belarusians play football worse than Slovaks, he reckons.

"As there is no result, the coach must leave,” BelaPAN quotes Kandratsiyeu as saying. “I promised to leave and I will. I do not think that the Federation will mind it. Do you think that a new specialist may come and change the situation? This is the result of 25 years of our work. Our junior teams are losing to everyone. We are very much behind the leading countries. Slovakia is not a great football team but we are also behind it. Look at our players’ skill and at Slovaks’…”

‘There is almost no chance’ to make it to Euro-2016, Kandratsiyeu stated. His task has not been fulfilled. It is necessary to let ‘another person start training the guys before the World Cup-[2018]’, he reckons. The chief manager of Belarus national team is hoping that his successor will be more successful.

Photo: BELTA