First sports festival Mova Cup in Minsk (photo, video)

Amateurs competed in various kinds of sport: indoor soccer, streetball, track and field athletics, swimming, badminton, kettlebell lifting, chess, table hockey and others.

It was initiated by Belarusian athletes from the voluntary project Dreams Come True. Famous swimmer Alyaksandra Herasimenya was among them. She conducted a swimming master class for children.

“I am very glad. I saw our visitors’ eyes; they were interested in what was going to happen. People wanted to take part in any competition. I wish more people came here and gave us advice on what to improve,” Alyaksandra Herasimenya shared her impressions.

 She also took part in the 30m dash where men had to run with girls sitting on their shoulders.

 The next festival is going to be held in six months.

 The team Volat-Capital won the football event. The Minskers received cups form FC Dynama-Misnk and T-shirts with the national embroidery.

“The tournament was advertised very well. It was a good opportunity to play our favourite game and to speak Belarusian. The level was pretty high,” member of the winning team Syarhei said.

 Homel team Ariyon was the runner-up.

The first festival Mova Cup was organized in Minsk Republican Olympic Training Centre.