Figures of Belarusian noblemen removed from historical museum

Figures of Vitaut and Yahaila /
Figures of Vitaut and Yahaila /

The figures of Vitaut and Yahaila have been removed from the National History Museum, the media report. By the end of the year, the museum exposition featuring the statues of nobility may disappear replaced by a corner of the Russian Empire.

The reason for the change is a "complaint" against Vitaut and Yahaila with a message "what are these Polish invaders doing here?".

Sculptures of Grand Duke Vitaut and King Yahaila of Lithuania were installed in the museum in 2011. The figure of Vitaut was made according to the image on the personal seal of the prince. The image of Yahaila was taken from the king's tombstone.

The portrait sculptures were created by artists Pavel Luk and Yury Piskun.

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