FEMEN: Our case is with public prosecutor; we expect summons for interrogation


Euroradio: How did your "Hanover adventures" end?

Alexandra Shevchenko: They didn't! The case has been transferred to the public prosecutor, and we are expecting the results. However, I was forced to get back to Ukraine as I need to get a new Shengen visa.

Euroradio: Have you had any problems with leaving Germany? Didn't the law-enforcement authorities warn yo that you should remain available for them?

Alexandra Shevchenko: I had no prohibition to leave; they did not make me stay in Germany. Nevertheless, I reached Ukraine by a roundabout route. I crossed the border via a pedestrian border crossing point. On the other hand, the German police know very well that it is not difficult to find Femen; no one is going to escape. Right now, we are expecting summons for interrogation. Usually, they summon our activists to the police stations so that they could testify, explain why they did these actions without the police's permit. As a criminal case has been started against us, we are 100% sure they will interrogate us! So, we are waiting to be summoned to Germany to testify!

Euroradio: Have you already submitted your application for a Shengen visa? What country are you going to ask it from?

Alexandra Shevchenko: No, I haven't, we are going to address to Germany's representation. It's a chance to check whether they will give me a visa or not.

Euroradio: What do your German lawyers say with regard to the criminal case?

Alexandra Shevchenko: They say this is an absolutely politically motivated case. According to them, the article under which they started a criminal case hasn't been in use in Germany - there are just a couple of cases when it happened. The law-enforcement officials had practically no reasons to arrest us or, moreover, to start a criminal case against us. This is possible only in case there was a complaint filed by the aggrieved party - Putin. Thus, this is a clear political case. I think that the German court system should demonstrate that it sticks to the law and the maximal penalty we can get is a fine.

Euroradio reminds, activists of the Ukrainian organization Femen stripped down before Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel during the industrial fair in Hanover. They shouted out indecent slogans and had the signs "F**** you, Putin" written on their naked bodies. Five activists aged 18-33 are mentioned in the criminal case for "insult of state authorities and foreign states' representatives": two Germans, two Ukrainians and one Russian. They face up to 3 years of imprisonment.

Photo: http://femen.org/