Experts on Minsk Forum results

European experts say Belarus stands out for its active part in the implementation of the Eastern Partnership program among other member nations. During a wrap-up news conference, Reiner Lindner who chairs the traditional forum in Minsk, assured reporters that the cost of Schengen visas for Belarusians should be reduced:

“Definitely, an agreement on easing visa procedures will have to be signed. 60 euros for a visa... Clearly, this figure should be changed. Naturally, it will not be brought down to zero, but it will be reduced anyway”.

Belarus is more active that the other five members states in the implementation of the Eastern Partnership program. Belarus has also been coping better with the global economic crisis than the neighboring countries, Lindner noted.

Another result of the forum is that Belarus inteds to take part in integration processes:

“Firstly, this is dictated by the need to overcome energy dependence. Belarus will join the project of the southern transport corridor and, correspondingly, will hold negotiations with Ukraine. Belarus also has an interest in increasing participation in global measures, including UN peace-keeping missions.

There will be no union state with Russia, because none of the president is interested", Lindner said.

The chairman of the Minsk Forum stressed that Belarus must realize that there will be no future without small- and medium-size businesses. The situation with the media cannot be described as satisfactory, either.