Snowden gets provisional asylum in Russia


Ex-CIA officer Edward Snowden published the details of the secret programs used by the US special services for watching the US citizens and the citizens of foreign states. He escaped to Hong Kong, and then to Moscow, where he stayed at Sheremetevo airport transit zone till the recent time. The US government stated its intention to demand Snowden's extradition from any country that protects him. Snoden is accused of disclaiming secret information of the American special services. The Russian side claimed Snowden hadn't crossed the Russian border, he had arrived as a transit passenger and there was no agreement on extradition between Russia and the United States.

A month ago, Russia's President Vladimir Putin stated that the American hadn't been a Russian agent. Putin set a condition for Edward Snowden to fulfill if he wanted to stay in Russia: he should stop "causing damage tot he American partners".

Photo - AFP