European parliament calls on UNESCO to defend Hrodna's historical part


The European Parliament's Culture and Education Committee wrote to UNESCO, asking to defend the historical part of the western Belarusian city of Hrodna. The appeal requests the UN body to set up an international commission that would oversee the redevelopment works in Hrodna.

Tadeusz Zwefka, a spokesman for the committee, also issued a separate statement which condemns the current program to restore ancient buildings and calls on the local authorities to halt their actions.

Former presidential contender and the leader of For Freedom movement, Alexander Milinkevich earlier filed letters with UNESCO and several international organizations that deal with the protection of cultural heritage. He also wrote to the heads of the state of EU countries and MEP, requesting to prevent the historical buildings in Hrodna from destruction, says the press office of Alexander Milinkevich.

Alexander Milinkevich