Forex: Euro hits new high against Belarus rubel


As a result, the dollar's rate has dropped by Br 10, down to Br 9150, the euro's rate has grown by Br 50, till Br 12510 (this is a record), the Russian rouble's rate has also grown from Br 285,5 up to Br 287,5.

On Thursday, October 17, the dollar’s rate dropped by Br 10 down to Br 9160, the euro's rate grew by Br 10, up to 11890. The Russian rouble's rate remained unchanged - Br 270,5.

On Monday, August 19, the dollar's rate decreased by Br 10 down to Br 8910, the euro's rate decreased by Br 70 and was Br 12460 (another record). The Russian rouble grew up to Br 285,5.

More detailed information about the currency rates is available here.