Entrepreneurs' leader: We will close businesses before New Year


As Euroradio informed before, on October 31 the state official said that entrepreneurs will be deprived of the benefit: they will be obliged to present quality certificates for their goods since December 1. Previously, it was planned that such measure will be introduced since July 1, 2014. Thus, the transition period suddenly got cut by 7 months.

Chairman of the Republican Association of Entrepreneurs 'Perspective' Anatol Shumchanka didn't hide his emotions in a conversation with Euroradio:

Shumchanka: "Today, we see pure shock in the entrepreneur movement. The people realize they have been cheated. Moreover, in our opinion, it seems like some sort of a provocation... If they take a decision which is impossible to fulfill in such short terms, and they do it abruptly, right before the New Year, and they know that the people would bot be able to work and pay taxes since January 1... The questions is, who needs all this and why?"

Shumchanka notes that this is the first time the Belarusian authorities break their agreements with entrepreneurs in such a way. It is not excluded that entrepreneurs will simply close down their businesses on New Year's eve.

On June 27, Belarusian small entrepreneurs went on strike. They protested against introduction of the technical regulations of the Customs Union. The authorities suggested the 1-year delay then.

According to Shumchanka, the entrepreneurs consulted the Ministry of Economics after that and elaborated some rules for the transition period. However, the entrepreneurs' leader says that the Ministry of Trade had obviously conducted its own consultations behind the scenes. In Shumchanka's opinion, the government accepted this "forcible variant" of solving the situation.

Photo - belsat.eu