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Election commission abridges Popular Front leader’s bio

Photo: Euroradio archives

Some extracts have been removed from Ryhor Kastusyou’s biography, following the decision by Shklou District election commission No 54, Radio Svaboda reports.

In the view of the commission, it is not necessary to indicate that Kastusyou lives in Shklou and that he is the leader of the Belarusian Popular Front Party. It is no longer mentioned that Kastusyou participated in the programme of reforms designed the Belarusian utilities services.

The information was deleted because it had nothing to do with the election, head of Shklou election commission Alyaksandr Hurynau told Kastusyou.

The election committee did not mind the biography when accepting it, the candidate noted. They wanted to depreciate his achievements in comparison with the other candidates, Kastusyou thinks.

The leader of the CCP BPF is going to lodge a complaint to Mahilyou Region Election Commission, the Central Election Commission and the Public Prosecutor’s Office.