Eastern partnership summit in Vilnius

It cannot happen as there are political prisoners in Belarus.

The Belarus Foreign Minister at Vilnius summit comments on the statement by the European Commission President over visa talks with Belarus.

President of the European Commission thinks that free travelling of people will facilitate development of democracy in Belarus.

The video taken at the 3rd Eastern Partnership summit appeared on the internet.

However, the activists couldn't break through to the Litexpo center where the Eastern Partnership summit is taking place.

The Belarusian Foreign Minister arrived to Vilnius to take part in main events of the Eastern Partnership summit on November 29.

The Ukrainian leader has said this in an informal conversation with the German Chancellor and the President of Lithuania.

Leader of the Ukrainian opposition party UDAR Vitali Klichko has claimed it a press conference in Vilnius today.

The Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs has commented on the possibility of reducing the visa costs for our citizens.