Makei: Talks with EU on visa regime simplification may take little time

José Manuel Barroso informed that Belarus was ready to start negotiations on visa regime simplification with the European Union. Euroradio asked Uladzimir Makei how soon this may come true.

The Foreign Minister reminded that Belarus offered the EU to start visa regime simplification negotiations back in 2004, with no results. In 2011, the EU claimed readiness to start the negotiations process, but imposed sanctions at the same time. Therefore, the Belarusian authorities did not enter the negotiations and stayed in an uncertain condition till today.

Uladzimir Makei: "Today it's time to talk about starting negotiations with the European Union on making the visa regime simplification agreement. This is our President's attitude. He thought that it will be good for ordinary citizens, for our people. The people will have a positive attitude to this step."

Makei noted that in case there is "constructive mood of both parties" the problem will be solved "within short period of time".